Evan has been busy making music, so he has not had time to write his much-anticipated blog. However, as his web designer, I feel obliged to add some content to the website at some point in order to keep Google interested.

Since music is not my strong suit, I will discuss baseball and websites. Kind of unrelated to Evan's site, maybe, but not entirely. Evan and I played baseball together for many seasons in local amateur baseball leagues. He was the younger guy who was as good at defense as me (at third base) and moved into my spot as second-string catcher. That meant there was some competition. But competition, whether in sports or in creating awesome music, is really a good thing, and  I stayed dedicated to getting better in order to at least hold my own next to younger blood. I appreciate our coach bringing in new talent each year so that I would continue to work hard. Evan recently left Milwaukee in order to take on new challenges, and he will be in the same role, forcing local musicians to improve as he brings his talent to a new region.

As far as websites go, that's what I try to do now. Like Evan, I may have played my last dusty game of hardball. Like him, I might come back for a few games in a last season with more injuries, or I might focus on building websites for bands (or anyone else with the sense to have an online presence like Evan's).

If you're interested in creative writing, baseball stories, or opinions written by someone who thinks critically, please check out my writing websites: Satisfamily.com and McNewsy.com. If you are at all interested in getting your hands on a website something like what Evan has here, do not hesitate to check out my designs and then contact me. Passive Ninja and Luthernet Web Designs.

While my websites and writing also gravitate towards education (Educabana and VoucherSchool), I have also created other projects, like SitcomLifeLessons. Honestly, I am trying to find my niche where I can be great. Evan has recently traveled in order to do the same. I can't go anywhere physically, but I can take my clients and readers just about anywhere. 

I wish Evan the best in all that he will accomplish over the next several years in music. And I wish he'd start writing his blog so that others would show up at his website and be able to learn more about the guy.

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