Evan is a professional musician who plays electric and upright bass. He is also an instructor at West End Conservatory in Milwaukee, WI, where he teaches both bass and adaptive music lessons. He received his B.A. in Psychology from UW-Milwaukee which allowed him to work for 6 years as a behavioral therapist treating autism. While at UW-M, Evan also studied jazz, and after college he became an understudy of the legendary Bill "The Buddha" Dickens. Evan performs professionally in numerous groups both regionally and nationally, applying his skills and experience to a variety of genres including, but not limited to: jazz, funk, rock, blues, gypsy jazz, pop, R&B, soul, neo soul, urban jazz, latin, reggae, avant garde and improv. 

Evan's relationship with music is significantly informed by improvisation. He believes it is the responsibility of a musician to become an open window through which the language of music can pass, and to understand music as the contribution of an articulate dialog to a greater conversation, the topic of which is betterment of self and community.

Evan has recording credits on over a dozen albums throughout a variety of genres. He has had his music played on national television; in 2013 was a featured performer at MKE Bass Day; received and been nominated for various 88.9 Music Awards and Wisconsin Area Music Industry awards; performed at NAMM 2014 and NAMM 2015; and in 2009 was honored to be Shepherd Express' Runner up for Best Jazz Artist. He has played or shared the stage with Buddy Guy, Benny Golson, Willy Porter, Russ Johnson, Bill Dickens, Fred Boswell jr, Mike Maher (Snarky Puppy), Jason Ricci, Paul Cebar, Sam Llanas (The BoDeans), Kathy and Dave Jensen (Hornheads, Prince), Warren Weigratz, Simon Townsend, Dave Stoler, Johnny Padilla, Jim Liban, Nick Moss Band, Devin Drobka, Eric Schoor (Brian Lynch), Jamie Breiwick, Shonn Hinton (John Legend, Lil' Wayne, Erykah Badu, Jill Scott), Rick Aaron, Kevin Hayden, Dave Schoepke, Steve Peplin, Mike Hoffmann, Evan Christian, Aaron Gardner, and Terry Harris jr, to name a few.



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